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  • Vengeance of the Heavenly Demon Chap 9

    Author drakocrash 21:34 - 09/16/2019

    wrong manga chapter this one belongs to another please get the correct one for vengeance of the heavenly demon

  • Springtime for Blossom Chap 18

    Author sekhar maitra 20:01 - 09/16/2019

    I'm waiting for nest chapter....

  • Talk to Me Chap

    Author james sharp 11:27 - 09/16/2019

    I like the manga but hell, there is way too much sex in it. There I virtually no story. One after the next is couple A doing it, and when they're done, couple B, then back to A.

  • You're Not That Special! Chap 29

    Author yan luo 04:06 - 09/16/2019

    this guy is again such a retard.. that Susan Girl is loving him and he is loving her but still fucks other girls when they are all "bad" and he isnt satisfied with them so why is he doing it ?!?! he could just get together with Susan jesus christ i see henry fcking her when he doesnt get his freaking brain together

  • The Bestselling Empress Chap

    Author Mika Miku 22:53 - 09/15/2019

    emothanks for translation will wait for next chaptersemo

  • Augs' Law Chap 2

    Author Mika Miku 22:02 - 09/15/2019


  • Solo Leveling Chap 86

    Author Vishnu R 14:50 - 09/15/2019

    Some more episode when is the next release

  • Taming a Maid Chap 44

    Author zaid Badawi 12:38 - 09/15/2019

    so what happens to anida??

  • Taming a Maid Chap 43

    Author zaid Badawi 12:30 - 09/15/2019

    hahaha wtf

  • Sister Neighbors Chap 32

    Author yan luo 06:24 - 09/15/2019

    retard he could have her as a girlfriend if he had said that wtf

  • Sister Neighbors Chap 7

    Author yan luo 05:34 - 09/15/2019

    fcking retard .....

  • Sister Neighbors Chap 4

    Author yan luo 05:29 - 09/15/2019

    retard jesus christ ... that he is even thinking about "swapping" when he could have denise wtf

  • Freshman Chap 37

    Author yan luo 05:19 - 09/15/2019

    i hope that motherfucker gets beaten too holy shit

  • Under Observation: My First Loves and I Chap

    Author Josh Garcia 03:31 - 09/15/2019

    Please upload the rest this is too good!

  • Solo Leveling Chap 86

    Author Justin Ott 13:57 - 09/14/2019

    @Zack Hogue no if you look closer you can notice his arm is just behind his back. focus on the sword coming into vision.

  • Solo Leveling Chap 86

    Author Mark Salazar 08:56 - 09/14/2019

    Wow... That's so awesome...more......

  • Solo Leveling Chap

    Author Mark Salazar 08:54 - 09/14/2019

  • Solo Leveling Chap 86

    Author digginwolf 04:47 - 09/14/2019

    Is the demon king baran's arm missing from 'Tusk'? If it is, then why not use him to kill baran?

  • Perfect Half Chap 90.5

    Author Demond Thomas 01:32 - 09/14/2019

    Get well soon! I want to see Haerang and Yoonseul become King and queen. I also would like to see Haerang's children with the other to girls and Yoonseul.

  • Solo Leveling Chap 86

    Author joselito delacruz 20:38 - 09/13/2019

    creator give us 3 chaptersemo per week can you do that?emo